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Publications in 2009

This site is not up to date. For recent publications, see the links below:

Alexander, R.B., Böhlke, J.K., Boyer, E.W., David, M.B., Harvey, J.W., Mulholland, P.J., Seitzinger, S.P., Tobias, C.R., Tonitto, C., Wollheim, W.M., 2009, Dynamic modeling of nitrogen losses in river networks unravels the coupled effects of hydrological and biogeochemical processes: Biogeochemistry, v. 93, p. 91-116. (on-line abstract or on-line report in pdf format, 850 KB, published at with open access)
Böhlke, J.K., Antweiler, R.C., Harvey, J.W., Laursen, A.E., Smith, L.K., Smith, R.L., and Voytek, M.A., 2009, Multi-scale measurements and modeling of denitrification in streams with varying flow and nitrate concentration in the upper Mississippi River basin, USA: Biogeochemistry, v. 93, p. 117-141. (on-line abstract or on-line report in pdf format, 959 KB, published at with open access)
Böhlke, J.K., and Michel, R.L., 2009, Contrasting residence times and fluxes of water and sulfate in two small forested watersheds in Virginia, USA: Science of the Total Environment, v. 407, no. 14, p. 4363-4377. (on-line abstract)
Brand, W.A., Coplen, T.B., Aerts-Bijma, A.T.A., Böhlke, J.K., Gehre, M., Geilman, H., Gröning, M., Jansen, H.G., Meijer, H.A.J., Mroczkowski, S.J., Qi, H., Soergel, K., Stuart-Williams, H., Weise, S.M., and Werner, R.A., 2009, Comprehensive inter-laboratory calibration of reference materials for δ18O versus VSMOW using various on-line high-temperature conversion techniques, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, v. 23, no. 7, p. 999-1019. (on-line abstract)
Bratton, J.F., Böhlke, J.K., Krantz, D.E., and Tobias, C.R., 2009, Flow and Geochemistry of Groundwater Beneath a Back-Barrier Lagoon: The Subterranean Estuary at Chincoteague Bay, Maryland, Marine Chemistry, v. 113, p. 78-92. (on-line abstract)
Hatzinger, P., Böhlke, J.K., Sturchio, N.C., Gu, B., Heraty, L.J., and Borden, R.C., 2009, Fractionation of stable isotopes in perchlorate and nitrate during in situ biodegradation in a sandy aquifer, Environmental Chemistry, v. 6, p. 44-52. (on-line abstract)
Lorah, M.M., Cozzarelli, I.M., and Böhlke, J.K., 2009, Biogeochemistry at a wetland sediment-alluvial aquifer interface in a landfill leachate plume: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, v. 105, no. 3-4, p. 99-117. (on-line abstract)
Tobias, C.R., Böhlke, J.K., Harvey, J.W., and Busenberg, E., 2009, A simple technique for continuous measurement of time-variable gas transfer in surface waters: Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, v. 7, p. 185-195. (on-line abstract)