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Publications in 1994

This site is not up to date. For recent publications, see the links below:

Böhlke, J.K., and Shanks, W.C., III, 1994, O, H, and S isotope study of hydrothermal vents at Escanaba Trough, Observed and calculated effects of sediment-seawater interaction, in Morton, J.L., Zierenberg, R.A., and Reiss, C.A., eds., Geologic, Hydrothermal, and Biologic Studies at Escanaba Trough, Gorda Ridge, Offshore Northern California: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 2022, p. 223-239.
Coplen, T.B., 1994, Reporting of stable hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen isotopic abundances: Pure and Applied Chemistry, v. 66, p. 273-276.
Coplen, T.B., Greenwood, N.N., and Peiser, H.S., 1994, 1993 Table of standard atomic weights abridged to five significant figures: Inorganic Chemica Acta, v. 217, p. 217-218.
Coplen, T.B., and Harper, I.T., 1994, An improved technique for the 2H/1H analysis of urines from diabetic volunteers: Biological Mass Spectrometry, v. 23, p. 437-439.
Coplen, T. B., Winograd, I. J., Landwehr, J. M., and Riggs, A. C., 1994, 500,000-Year Stable Carbon Isotopic Record From Devils Hole, Nevada: Science, v. 263, p. 261-265.
Ekwurzel, B., Schlosser, P., Smethie, W.M., Jr., Plummer, L.N., Busenberg, E., Michel, R.L., Weppernig, R., and Stute, M., 1994, dating of shallow groundwater: Comparison of the transient tracers 3H/3He, chlorofluorocarbons, and 85Kr: Water Resources Research, v. 30, no. 6, p. 1693-1708.
Evans, W.C., White, L.D., Tuttle, M.L., Kling, G.W., Tanyileke, G., and Michel, R.L., 1994, Six years of change at Lake Nyos, Cameroon, yield clues to the past and cautions for the future: Geochemistry, v. 28, pg. 139-162.
Landwehr, J.M., Winograd, I.J., and Coplen, T.B., 1994, No verification for Milankovitch: Nature, v. 368, p. 594.
Michel, R.L., Hamlin, S.N., and Phillips, S.P., 1994, Recharge rates and changes in ground-water quality in a shallow unconfined aquifer in Western San Francisco, in Hasfurther, V., and Marston, R.A., eds., Proceedings of the AWRA Symposium on Effects of Human-Induced Changes on Hydrologic Systems., p. 841-850.
Michel, R.L., and Schroeder, R.A., 1994, Use of long-term tritium records from the Colorado River to determine timescales for hydrologic processes associated with irrigation in the Imperial Valley, California: Applied Geochemistry, v. 9, p. 387-401. (on-line abstract)
Wanty, R.B., Tuttle, M.L., Böhlke, J.K., and Briggs, P.H., 1994, Chemical analyses of ground and surface water from Battle Brook drainage basin, near Princeton, Minnesota: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 94-129, 26p.