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Publications in 1992

This site is not up to date. For recent publications, see the links below:

Böhlke, J.K., and Irwin, J.J., 1992, Brine history indicated by argon, krypton, chlorine, bromine, and iodine analyses of fluid inclusions from the Pb-fluorite deposits at Hansonburg, New Mexico: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 110, p. 51-66.
Böhlke, J.K., and Irwin, J.J., 1992, Laser microprobe analyses of noble gas isotopes and halogens in fluid inclusions: Analyses of micro-standards and synthetic inclusions in quartz: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 56, p. 187-201.
Böhlke, J.K., and Irwin, J.J., 1992, Laser microprobe analyses of Cl, Br, I, and K in fluid inclusions: Implications for sources of salinity in some ancient hydrothermal fluids: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 56, p. 203-225.
Cecil, L.D., Pittman, J.R., Beasley, T.M., Michel, R.L., Kubik, P.W., Sharma, P., Fehn, U., and Gove, H.E., 1992, Water infiltration in the unsaturated zone at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory estimated from chlorine-36 and tritium profiles, and neutron logging, in Kharaka, Y., and Maest, A., eds., Rotterdam, Netherlands, A.A. Balkema: Water-Rock Interaction, p. 709-714.
Coplen, T.B., Krouse, H.R., and Böhlke, J.K., 1992, Reporting of nitrogen-isotope abundances: Pure and Applied Chemistry, v. 64, p. 907-908.
Izbicki, J., Michel, R.L., and Martin, P., 1992, H-3 and C-14 as tracers of ground-water recharge, in Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers 1992 National Conference, p. 122-127.
Keir, R.S., Michel, R.L., and Weiss, F., 1992, Ocean mixing versus gas exchange in Antarctic shelf water near 150 degrees E: Deep-Sea Research, v. 39, p. 97-119.
Michel, R.L., 1992, Residence times in river basins as determined by analyses of long-term tritium records: Journal of Hydrology, v. 130, p. 367-378. (on-line abstract)
Winograd, I.J., Coplen, T.B., Landwehr, J.M., Riggs, A.C., Ludwig, K.R., Szabo, B.J., Kolesar, P.T., and Revesz, K.M., 1992, Continuous 500,000-year climatic record from vein calcite in Devils Hole, Nevada: Science, v. 258, p. 255-260.