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Isotopic Variability

This site is not up to date. For recent publications, see the links below:

Coplen, T.B., Böhlke, J.K., De Bièvre, P., Ding, T., Holden, N.E., Hopple, J. A., Krouse, H.R., Lamberty, A., Peiser, H.S., Révész, K. M., Rieder, S.E., Rosman, K.J.R., Roth, E., Taylor, P.D.P., Vocke, Jr., R.D., and Xiao, Y. K., 2002, Isotopic abundance variations of selected elements: Pure and Applied Chemistry, v. 74, p., 1,987-2,017. (download black-white PowerPoint figures), (download color PowerPoint figures), (on-line abstract)
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